Catholic Convert & Mom Helps Families Experience God’s Love Through Estate Plans

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For Catholic convert and trust attorney, Laura Meier, the two realities of caring for others and trusting God’s promise of everlasting life are seamlessly intertwined. The mother of four, along with many other estate planning attorneys who partner with The Orange Catholic Foundation (OCF), see their work as a ministry because they are showing families how to invite Jesus into their future life plans—both on Earth and in Heaven.

For Meier, God’s plan for her life was revealed when her son was preparing for his First Holy Communion. “I remember thinking, ‘If this is good enough for a person I love more than anyone in the world, then maybe it’s good enough for me.’” Nearly a year later during Mass at Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church, she found herself explaining to God why she wasn’t going to convert. “It was then I felt God say to me. ‘Why do you keep letting everybody else get between you and me?’ So, I converted.”

The Meier family in November 2014 when Laura became Catholic and three of her children were baptized at the Founders Chapel, University of San Diego.

Now as a devout Catholic, the founder of Meier Law Firm in Newport Beach says OCF will help parishioners apply the mysterious beauty of God’s promises to their estate plans. She shared, “It is normal for people to be uncomfortable thinking about something happening to them, but it is through planning that you experience all of God’s grace, protection and all the good things He wants for you.”

Meier continued, “Our Catholic faith provides specific teaching on how we should leave our money. It teaches us about the standard of care God wants for our bodies when we’re sick. Our Catholic faith teaches us about what God’s priorities are for our children.”

After assisting families for years, OCF and Meier know the details of California’s default estate plan all too well. She cautions, “Spoiler Alert! You’re not going to like it!” The state’s plan puts loved ones at risk for probate court, foster care, taxes, and medical decisions not aligned with Catholic tradition.

The Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church parishioner says the test for a truly effective estate plan is this: “Can pick up your estate plan, hand it over to your loved ones, and say ‘Don’t worry, I took care of everything?’” Faced with the state alternative, she recommends everyone to, “start planning now to clearly define your wishes. Connect all your assets in a trust. This all will spare your family a long, expensive and painful court process.”

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Lastly, Meier encourages all of us to remember: “God is counting on us to use our time, talent, and treasures to be a blessing to everyone. Of course, we need to spend our resources on our family. However, we’re also meant to benefit the greater good.” For more information about estate planning or advanced tax strategies, call The Orange Catholic Foundation at (714) 282-3021 or email [email protected].