The Orange Catholic Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation that exists to serve the Catholic community of Orange County. As a foundation for Catholics, we assist families and individuals to leave a legacy uniquely aligned with their Catholic values and beliefs. The Foundation’s primary function is to raise funds to support parishes, Catholic Schools and Ministries throughout Orange County, as well as priests retirement and special projects on the Christ Cathedral campus. In addition, the Foundation manages endowments and a variety of funds including Scholarship Funds and Donor Advised Funds in Orange County.


The Orange Catholic Foundation serves the Roman Catholic community of Orange County through philanthropy and stewarding funds to protect and support ministries which further our beliefs and values in loving service to God.


Relying on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, The Orange Catholic Foundation is the vibrant center of philanthropy for the Roman Catholic community in Orange County, helping to sustain and enhance the faith life of all those it serves.


The Orange Catholic Foundation is proud to partner with Christian Brothers Investing Services (CBIS) as our investment manager of long term funds. Read various articles on how CBIS implements socially responsible investing.

Investment Philosophy

Investments entrusted to the Orange Catholic Foundation are administered through socially and morally responsible funds that are in keeping with the tenants of Roman Catholic doctrine. The Foundation’s banking and financial partners are known for their fiscally conservative approach and socially responsible philosophies to ensure that our investments are managed in accordance with our Catholic faith and beliefs. For more information, please see our Catholic Responsible Investing webpage or visit USCCB’s Socially Responsible Guidelines.

The Investment Committee of the Foundation meets quarterly to review the historical and current performance of all funds and compares them to industry standards. The committee chooses the types of investments they deem prudent and socially responsible. They are committed to earning the best possible returns with low risks in order to protect and grow donors’ gifts.

The Orange Catholic Foundation Investment Committee is made up of experienced and knowledgeable business and community leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to grow the Foundation’s assets for the benefit of the Church of Orange. For more information about our investments, fund strategy and committee members, please contact the Orange Catholic Foundation.