St. Timothy Parish Funds

The mission of Saint Timothy Parish is to form loving disciples of Jesus Christ who make a difference.

The St. Timothy Parish Endowment Fund

Established in 2017, the purpose of this fund is to support and sustain the well-being and ministries of St. Timothy Parish.

The St. Timothy Parish Facility Maintenance Special-Interest Fund

Established in 2017, the purpose of the fund shall be to support and maintain the St. Timothy Parish facilities.

St. Timothy Parish Pastor Retirement Fund

Established in 2018, the purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to the parish for the benefit of St. Timothy parish pastor(s) who are diocesan priests in good standing with the Diocese of Orange and who have retired directly from St. Timothy parish in Laguna Niguel, California. This fund has been established as an expression of gratitude for the willing response of these retired pastor(s) to the Lord’s call and for providing spiritual leadership to St. Timothy parish. The fund distribution to retired pastor(s) will be directed by the agreement between the donor and St. Timothy parish.