St. Justin Martyr School Funds

St. Justin Martyr Parish School, a transitional kindergarten through grade eight Catholic school, is an important part of the St. Justin Martyr Parish ministry. As a Catholic school in the Diocese of Orange, their Catholic Identity embraces the Church’s mission to grow in faith, celebrate through worship, and serve their community. Those who seek partnership with them make a commitment to invest their time, talent, and financial support for the viable operation of the school. Their purpose is to promote academic excellence and foster a desire for life-long learning. Steeped in gospel values, Catholic tradition and a desire to respect and respond to the needs of others, students grow and develop into effective and productive citizens of a global community. They endeavor to instill in them an awareness of their unique God-given abilities and their potential as Christ-centered individuals.

The Fred V. Duda Scholarship Fund for St. Justin Martyr School

The purpose of this fund shall be to provide scholarship funds for needs based graduating students of St. Justin Marty Parish School who will be attending Catholic High School. The current award supports two students with a four-year scholarship of $2,500 each year that the students remains in a Catholic High School.

The St. Justin Martyr School Special-Interest Fund

The special purpose of this fund shall be for the benefit of St. Justin Martyr School for tuition assistance, books, supplies or other school related expenses.