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Staff from Christ Cathedral enjoy a lunch in the Cultural Center on the ampus of Chris Cathedral. / Photo: Challenge Roddie BY: DOUGLAS MORINO (ORANGE COUNTY CATHOLIC) May 14, 2018 Staff members from across the Christ Cathedral Campus and the Diocese of Orange were recently recognized at a celebration honoring the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker.  “St. Joseph is an unsung hero in the Catholic tradition,” said James F. Day, operations manager for Orange County of EWTN Global Catholic Network, during the ceremony and luncheon on May 1 at the Cultural Center. “St. Joseph is represented in the “dignity of work” made manifest by the dedicated members of this campus. So many characters in the Gospels are people rooted in work, in labor, and in finding God in work.” Joseph was the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus. He was declared a saint in 1870 by Pope Pius IX. A carpenter, St. Joseph today is recognized as a model for hard work and a protector for all workers.  Established by Pope Pius XII in 1955, The Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker is held on May 1 to honor the dignity of labor and to celebrate the work of God.  Staff members honored at the luncheon included workers across the Diocese of Orange and staff at Christ Cathedral, including members of the janitorial, landscape, security, facilities and gardens staff, as well as the Christ Cathedral’s 52 volunteer docents. The lunch menu was created by Laurent Brazier, a renowned and classically trained chef who oversees catering on the Christ Cathedral Campus. Staff members were joined by Most Rev. Kevin Vann, Bishop of Orange, and leaders from across the Diocese of Orange.   “The lay people and clergy who have chosen to serve our Diocese at the Pastoral Center and at the ministries of the Christ Cathedral campus are truly a blessing to our Church,” Vann said. “Their daily contributions are critical to our pastoral care for the faithful of our Diocese. We were pleased to celebrate their vocational commitment and contributions. We are also profoundly grateful to our faithful colleagues across the Diocese, at our schools, parishes and other ministries who share so much and enrich all of our lives.” Members of the construction crew currently working to transform Christ Cathedral into a house of Catholic worship will be honored at a lunch on May 11.  
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