Questions & Answers

1. Why is it important that Bishop Vann asks us to contribute to the Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) annually?
The PSA provides funding for the annual budgets of vital ministries and services that serve all 62 parishes and
centers as well as thousands in the local community. These funds are used on a yearly basis to cover
annual operating and program expenses of our ministries (see the PSA brochure for a description of all ministries
funded through the PSA or click on the link above “Ministries Supported”).

2. What benefit does my parish receive from the ministries supported through the PSA?
Parishes could not provide the same level of service without the essential ministries supported through the PSA. Catechists, DRE’s, liturgical ministers and lay leaders who serve our local parishes are formed and certified; our clergy and seminarians receive continuing education; deacons are formed and nurtured; vocations to the priesthood are nurtured; we reach out to the community through support of Catholic Charities, Restorative Justice and Detention Ministry, and the Catholic Deaf Community. Our Catholic Schools are supported through tuition assistance that keeps our schools viable. All of these services are indispensable and critical to the mission of your local parish and our Church of Orange.

3. At what point does my parish earn a rebate through the PSA for its own projects?
Each year, every parish is assigned a parish goal which reflects its fair share of the total pastoral ministries for the
current year, based on parish income. Once pledges are received over the parish goal and payments are received
to satisfy that goal, the parish receives a monthly check for all payments over their parish goal. Through the PSA, many parishes earn as much if not more than their initial goal for their own important projects.

4. How many months do I have to complete my PSA pledge?
The PSA is set up to run from January through December each year. If your pledge is made at the beginning of the campaign, it usually allows ten months for redemption of the pledge. Pledge payments are received through December 31 of the current campaign year.

5. How do I determine what is a sufficient pledge?
If this is your first pledge, consider using 0.5% of your annual income, which is about one hour’s pay per month, as a guide for how much to pledge. The same amount is also a guideline for your weekly gift to your parish. If you are already a regular PSA donor, consider moving up to 0.75% or 1%, the suggested donation for those committed to tithing. We suggest that you reflect, pray and decide what the appropriate amount is for you to pledge.

6. When will I receive a tax acknowledgement for my gift to the PSA?
You will receive a combined tax acknowledgement letter from the Orange Catholic Foundation (OCF) in January following the campaign year for all of your charitable giving through the OCF (PSA, FCF, or other). If you do not receive a letter, you may contact the Orange Catholic Foundation at the contact information provided below.

7. Who do I call if I have questions regarding my PSA pledge?
Call the Orange Catholic Foundation at (714) 282-3048 or