The St. Philip Benizi Parish Religious Education Support

St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church is dedicated to continuing the mission of Jesus Christ in the Franciscan tradition. We are people of many nations united by God’s Holy Spirit, who strive to be witnesses of God’s love to all people. Answering the call to Stewardship, we embrace the gifts of the Spirit and express the presence of God in liturgy, prayer, community life and social justice ministry. Through a commitment to lay leadership we accept the responsibility of spreading the Good News and creating a welcoming parish filled with the presence of Christ.

The special purpose of this fund shall be to support, sustain and better St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church academic, religious, educational and charitable programs, to provide for student religious education and tuition assistance for parish families, tuition assistance, books, supplies or other religious education related expenses and in any other way that furthers the success of St. Philip Benizi parish catholic education and its students.