The Excellence in Education Fund

The Excellence in Education Fund, established in 2019, shall be to make distributions to benefit education programs and schools as recommended by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools of Orange County for current use.

One of the many treasures in the Diocese of Orange is our Catholic Schools. Catholic Schools offer our children the opportunity to grow in knowledge, wisdom and faith, learning in a community where they are able support one another.

Every child can become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Catholic Schools provide an opportunity for children to not only learn about Jesus Christ, they would fall in love with Him. At the same time, they would bring their brothers, sisters, friends and families to fall in love with Christ as well. A Catholic School education builds a strong community of vibrant of Faith.

Academic excellence, great extracurricular activities focusing on the gift of Faith found in Christ that is the root and center of all we do in our Catholic Schools.

In collaboration with the new Office of Evangelization and Faith Formation, we are strengthening our Catholic identity and focus more effectively on the evangelization of our students.

“Schools are touching the hearts of all young people and transform the world as disciples of Jesus Christ.” – Bishop Timothy Freyer