Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Join us in celebrating the next step towards a bright future for the Orange Catholic Foundation. Become a member of the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe by making a donation to the Bishop Kevin W. Vann Fund. The society was established to recognize and thank those who make meaningful gifts to the fund.

You can help build a stronger Catholic community and spread His love through the good works of service and sacramental life of the Church and Christ Cathedral Campus. Make an impact by providing financial strength of diocesan priorities in alignment with the strategic plan of Bishop Kevin W. Vann.

Your donation will be used for Evangelization, Faith Formation, Stewardship, Clergy Formation, Catholic Education & Christ Cathedral. With your help, we can build a deeper unity of purpose and mission among Catholics within our diocese and a renewed commitment to permeating the world with the love of Christ.

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By donating to the Bishop Kevin W. Vann Fund, you become a member of the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Evangelization & Faith Formation

God's Love And our Catholic Faith


The goal of faith formation is to make Jesus known or known better, and to foster a lifelong journey of discipleship.

Priorities are focused on the Sunday mass experience, youth and young adults, communications and outreach to the faithful and to those who are absent or distant from the practice of their Catholic faith.

The Office of Faith Formation and Evangelization has established the Emmaus Institute to equip and empower catechists and pastoral leaders to evanglize and form missionary disciples.

The Institute seeks to cultivate and support faith formation through spiritual, theological and pastoral studies.



A way of life

Inspiring hospitality and generosity as stewards who share God’s endowment given to us, to vibrantly share with others.

The Orange Catholic Foundation supports the joyful return of God’s gifts, time, talents and treasures to build the kingdom of God in our own communities, parishes and beyond.

The Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe has the opportunity to grow resources necessary to sustain pastoral priorities, ensuring that our local church and parish communities are strong and sustainable centers of faith.

Clergy Formation

Our Spiritual Leaders


Forming Seminarians and supporting priests and deacons to be holy and prayerful for today and in the future.

To be men of prayer who preach, minister well and be disciples for Christ.

Ongoing spiritual formation, leadership training and programs to improve homiletics and streghten evangelization initiatives to strengthen our parishes and schools.

Access to resources and tools for more impactful homilies along with dedicated, personal prayer time and consultations with spiritual directors will guild them toward being men o prayer and growing in inspiration to their parishioners.


Catholic Education

Strengthening Schools

Building a strong community of vibrant faith-filled leaders, emphasizing academic excellence with superior extracurricular activities and focus on Christ as the root and center of all we do in our Catholic schools.

We help ensure our children are growing in wisdom, knowledge, faith and learning the love of Jesus Christ.

Areas of focus: Cirriculum development and tuition assistance for families desiring Catholic education for their childern.

Christ Cathedral

The Seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of ORange


Spiritual home of Orange County’s 1.3 million Catholics.

Serving as a place of worship, faith formation, evangelization, charitable work, arts and culture through shared beliefs.

Because of its history, significance and scale, Christ Cathedral continues to be a popular destination for tourists.

Most important, it will serve decades, even centuries, as a central place of worship for everyone who comes and visits.

The Orange Catholic Foundation’s commitment to Christ Cathedral ensures its future relevance as a center of faith and prayer.

Member Benefits

Knowing that the ministries supported by your gift will create opportunities for many hearts to open to God allowing them to experience His unconditional love.

Your gift makes it possible to continue to serve the ongoing needs of our beloved Catholic community.

All members will receive visual recognition at the Campus Cultural Center.

Members at the Blue Mantle level ($10,000) and above will receive their choice of a membership pin or pendant and an invitation to a recognition event with Bishop Kevin W. Vann.

Members at the Rays of Light level ($100,000) will be invited to a private event with Bishop Kevin W. Vann and other opportunities throughout the year.

For more information, call Sue Nunn at 714.282.3027 or email