2017 CBE Keynote – Vin Scully

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Speaker and Recipient of the Farmers & Merchants Bank Lifetime Achievement Award - Vincent Scully

Vin Scully’s fidelity to the Dodgers was legendary – he was with the Dodgers for sixty-seven straight seasons, including remaining with them when they left New York for Los Angeles in 1957. Vin Scully has the record – in all of professional sports history – for the most time that a broadcaster has remained with one team. This record will not easily be matched. However, his commitment to baseball and the Dodgers has not been his only level of devotion – in fact, his faithfulness to the Lord in how he practices his Catholic faith is even more prominent. According to a June 15, 2016 article by George Weigel in First Things, “Vin Scully has lived through tragedies that would have crushed or embittered others: the death of a wife; the death of a son." He openly credits the Catholic faith with which he grew up in the Bronx as his life’s anchor. Vin Scully has been an ardent proponent of the Rosary, which he narrated for Catholic Athletes for Christ, who honored him recently. He also earned the esteem of various bishops, including Archdiocese of Los Angeles auxiliary bishops Robert Barron (former Conference Keynote) and Joseph Brennan, both of whom met with Scully while attending the first ever “Catholic Night” in Dodger Stadium on September 2.

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