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Project Elements


A place of worship, pilgrimage and evangelization and reconciliation for all


Provides history of the Marian apparition and Vietnamese Catholic church

La Vang Media

Takes all forms of media to spread the Word of God and the Catholic teachings through contemporary means of communication

Annual Diocesan Marian Days

Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, Processions to honor and pay homage the Virgin Mary

Designated Funds

Christ Cathedral Sanctuary and site work, Vietnamese ministries in US and Vietnam, Vietnamese Catholic Center

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The Vietnamese Catholic Community of Diocese of Orange celebrates the beginning of the La Vang Project, which was enthusiastically approved by Bishop Kevin Vann, to construct an Our Lady of La Vang shrine within the campus of Christ Cathedral. The Our Lady edifice will be located in the Marian court as a Catholic symbol for all to adorn and communicate with the Virgin Mother. Today, Bishop Vann and the Vietnamese Catholic Community are excited to announce an open call to become part of the project, and take part in the completion of the magnificent shrine that will forever serve as a gathering point for the millions whom visit the historical Christ Cathedral, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. This is the heritage that we leave behind for future Vietnamese generations abroad. This is our contribution to the universal church.
The Our Lady of La Vang Shrine Project is a key first step towards responding to the spiritual hopes and needs of the local Vietnamese American community as well as of Vietnamese people worldwide.
Mother Mary, Our Lady, present us to Jesus, Our Saviour. Mother Mary, lead all souls to Jesus, our Dear Lord who alone redeems and saves. Dear Jesus, free us from the bondage of sin and govern is with Your Love. Amen.
Blessed Lady of La Vang be my mother and comfort me, especially in times of trial and unhappiness. Enter my heart and stay with me wherever I may go. Grant that one day, through you, I may find rest and peace in my Father’s house. Amen.

Please stay tuned for more information on upcoming events.

For more information, please call the Orange Catholic Foundation at 714.282.6026 or lavangshrine@orangecatholicfoundation.org.